Be brave, sandflies only bite once!

That’s right! The South Island has sandflies, particularly on the West Coast and Southland. As sandflies go, the Buller ones are relatively fierce; however, they are pimp-squeaks compared to their Fiordland relatives, which attack any foolishly bared patch of skin, and  are especially fond of eyelids and hairlines. On my first trip to Fiordland (we camped in the Fiords–unhappily without the nuclear waste needed to deter the blood sucking little bastards that call that neck of the woods home. My eyelids were plundered so often and with such enthusiasm that they soon swelled nearly shut.  On the other hand, the Buller sandflies find ankles and elbows most appetizing and generally hover about those areas. A simple mixture of detol and baby oil keeps them at bay. All of this is simply to say that while we do have sandflies (the dear little creatures), they should not stop you from having a fantastic day rafting. After all, they have not yet evolved probosces long enough to pierce wetsuits, so you have little to fear (except if you decide to run naked after the raft trip. Ordinarily, of course, that might generate quite a lot of interest (or . . . um  . . . revulsion) from fellow rafters, but during sandfly season, nudity could be foolhardy and we advise restraint. But come along and go rafting anyway. Book today at 0508 GO RAFT. You’ll be really glad you did!!



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